Friday the First

Well, today is Friday, but that’s not the date. This is my first post on my first blog, and I couldn’t think of another title. So after a whole afternoon of trying to figure out this program (many years ago I was pretty good at this technology stuff, but I couldn’t keep up), I finally finished my profile!

To serve as a forward for those of you who didn’t read my profile, my purpose for this blog is to chronicle my experiences while dealing with the disease of Emphysema. I don’t plan on grossing folks out, and I promise no pictures of my lungs. I won’t get on a soapbox about smoking, either.

I’ve always heard that it’s beneficial for a person to write in a journal to help relieve stress. Looking back, it would have been a hell of a lot easier just to buy a little notebook! But at least it’s one more check mark on my bucket list!

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One Response to Friday the First

  1. Hello David. Welcome to the blogosphere and high-five for stickin’ with this technology thing!

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