Reality is Here. We’re Usually Somewhere Else.

I was somewhere else this morning.

Sometimes it’s easy to meditate; sometimes the mind leads you down many paths. It’s not as easy as the familiar poem by Robert Frost about paths diverging in the woods. What your mind/thoughts tell you is that there are 1,000 paths and it wants you to go down every damn one of them. So I did. Buddhists call it the “monkey mind”. If you find it hard to concentrate and clear your thoughts, don’t give up! I’ve read a hundred books on meditation, but not one of them said it was easy. Did you know that you can meditate for just one minute? Believe me, just one minute is better than not even trying. Just don’t try to meditate while you’re smoking! I tried that, and all I got was emphysema.

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One Response to Reality is Here. We’re Usually Somewhere Else.

  1. John Huie says:

    More than one person has told me they don’t meditate because, basically, they’re afraid of doing it wrong! I like the approach that says, ‘watch your thoughts. Just watch them rise and fall, like waves on the ocean.” That includes thoughts like “I’m not doing this right!”… This instruction is not original with me, of course, but I believe it’s a good start. My meditation (which is usually kind of mixed with a few basic yoga stretches, or walking, or just sitting) usually involves watching my breath as IT rises and falls (ocean again!)

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